SC. ENERGY GROUP SRL was founded in 2006 and it deals with the energy sector , providing consulting, research and development, engineering services, by designing, producing, furnishing, building and maintenance of energy products specific to the sector.

Our policy is based on respect towards quality, customer, provider and staff, showing professionalism by the services we provide and altruism towards the graduates from the technical schools, in electro-energetic section, allowing them to join the "family" of energetician engineers.

Our company wants to extend its electro-magnetic field, to constantly improve the quality of services, by improving its work, reducing the costs, making the customers more satisfied and by meeting the expectations of its staff, concerning education, working place safety and adequate personal motivation.

SC. ENERGY GROUP SRL wishes to generate a feeling of trust, respect and stability in business partnerships.

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Victoriei Street 43 Tulcea