Consultancy / Technical assistance

  • Consultancy in electro-energetic field and for electric equipment, up to 110kv inclusive
  • Technical coordination of the works of insulation treatment, elaborating the technical procedures of recharging the power transformers and of the reactors which are running
  • Technical assistance for obtaining and taking delivery of the electro-energetic equipment from the contractors
  • Technical assistance for fitting and operating with the electro-magnetic equipment
  • Preparing the technical specifications for acquiring electric equipments and installations, internal technical rules, procedures and regulations of exploitation
  • Technical assistance for repairing and modernization of the electro-magnetic equipments and installations from SEN
  • Importing materials and installations necessary to the energetic branch, etc

Technical expertise

  • Expertising the technical state of the primary equipment (power transformers, reactors, transducers, dischargers, switches, separators, insulators, etc), by using measurements and specific tests on the field or in the lab, according to the history file of the equipment analyzed
  • Estimation and interpretation of the tests, samples and measurements results made by the third parties, and preparing the technical reports of evaluation
  • Expertising the earth installations
  • Classic prophylactic inspections (according to PE 116/94 standard of exploitation) or special, in the station for the primary equipment (power transformers, transducers, dischargers, switches, insulators, earth plug, etc)
  • Finding and fixing the faults in electro-magnetic installations

Designing and Execution

  • Interior electric installations, in dwellings and public places
  • Electric installations in halls of production
  • Earth installations
  • Aerial and underground electric wires up to 20 KV voltage inclusive
  • Transformer stations with the nominal superior voltage of maximum 20 KV
  • Aerial and underground electric wires of 110 KV (only execution)

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